5 tips to make your skin does not look pale

Is There admonish you because your skin is too white and pale? No need to feel offended, let them say. There may be incorrectness! You need to add a little color in the face to look more fresh and cheerful.

Here are 5 guidelines beauty to your skin in order to appear more pale lifeless and fresh.

1. Do not use TALC

Powder you use it will make your skin berbelak and uneven. Even the color of your neck will definitely other than skin color. Should rub moisturizing cream or moisturizer that is not colored so that the skin color of the original and unchanged.


Some say that is too white skin actually not seseronok like what was said. Groups who have this skin susceptible to disease if too much exposed skin in the sun. This is because their skin is thinner than others. So they should always wear a cream product that has SPF and protect the skin from UV rays.

3. MIX COLOR PINK or orange lipstick

To remove the pale face as people who are not healthy, what did add a bit of color on the lips with colors like pink mixed with orange or orange simpler to give the shadow color of blood flow in the area of ??the lips. In addition, the courage to wear bright lipstick yes!


Because your skin is too white, black color will definitely stand out and look at the bright eyes. Be careful it would seem strange if you wear black was too thick. Hocus-mistaken there are words in your eyes bruised mashed. Instead, replace black with brown soil. This color will definitely menonjiolkan natural beauty of your eyes.


In addition to select a natural color in the eyes, use eyeliner and wear thick mascara to highlight the sexy eyes you have. For more interesting effects wear contact lenses are gray or bluish. Well, you certainly seem like a half-breed!

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