How To Grow Lavender In Pots Or In The Garden

Lavender flowerLavender is not only a beautiful plant to see and very fragrant but is also rich in healing properties important. Here’s how to grow it in a pot on the terrace or in the garden.


Its very characteristic color between blue and lilac and her perfume, make the lavender one of the most beautiful plants to decorate your terrace or garden. But you know it is also rich in healing properties important?


Since this plant is in fact possible to obtain an essential oil useful in cases of anxiety, insomnia, and to fight flu, cold and cough: it possesses analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

Not to mention that the essential oil of lavender is also able to relieve muscle pain, has a diuretic and healing properties: it only takes a few drops to get relief in case of cuts, wounds, insect bites and rashes from jellyfish.

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With fragrant lavender flowers can be realized so many bags DIY with which perfume wardrobes and drawers. After having collected just let them dry in the sun. You can also try out the little colored bunches to decorate and perfume the rooms of houses, or you can use the lavender flowers for the preparation of many perfumed soaps.

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A perfect ally then lavender, not only for the care of the person but also for the house. Let us see how to grow lavender in a simple way in pots or in the garden.

For starters, you can choose to cultivate lavender from seeds or cuttings. In the first case, the sowing period is during the fall as regards the mild climate areas and the beginning of the spring for the colder zones;

That from cuttings is instead the most practical way to proceed with the cultivation. In this case try to use sprigs of lavender with a stem length of at least 10 cm;

You can choose to grow lavender directly in the ground or in pots;

It is a plant that requires room to grow so if you decide to start growing in the garden, make sure that there is a bit ‘of space between a plant and another. If you decide to grow lavender in pots, remember that during the spring is necessary to repot in a larger pot and the soil cool and drained;

The lavender prefers sun to grow more and then positioned the plant in a place with a lot of light;

Do not overdo the watering, and above all make sure to avoid creating stagnant water that could rot the plant;

To promote drainage is not necessary to mix the soil with organic matter;

Before you fertilize lavender wait at least two years and then choose an organic product. It is necessary to proceed with the fertilization during the spring when the plant begins to grow and late summer, after the collection of the flowers;

To have a lavender to its full splendor it takes about three years;

Finally, as regards the pruning, remember that lavender should be pruned every year, immediately after flowering.